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Download limit Safe Assignment submissions

The number of files that can be downloaded in one batch is limited to approximately 300. Unfortunately we are not able to provide an exact maximum number of files since this depends not only on the number of files but also on both file size and file type. When you want to download a number of around 300 or more you could try if downloading is possible. If downloading is not possible the work around would be to download files via the Grade Centre in batches of ca 250.

To download in batches:

  1. Go to the Grade Centre and select the column of the appropriate assignment
  2. Open the menu with the chevron next to the column title
  3. Select Assignment File Download
  4. Use Edit Paging (right lower corner) to see 250 submissions per page
  5. Select all papers in one page by checking the box above the overview Name column
  6. Scroll to the end of the page and select one of the Select files to download options
  7. Click on