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Audio & Video panel


Instructors/moderators and participants.


Using audio & video in a Collaborate session.


The audio & video panel can be found in the left side of the screen. By clicking the talk/ video button you can talk or activate your webcam. The right part of the video button gives a preview before sending out the video signal. With the sliders you can adjust the microphone and sound levels. Whether participants (and how many) are able to use the audio and video tools is decided upon by the moderator. This can still be changed during a live session.

Audio & Video Panel 1

Participants are advised to use headsets with microphones or an echo-cancelling audio device to avoid unwanted echoing of the audio during the session. Especially when multiple participants are in one room headsets are recommended.

The option button on the top right side gives access to advanced audio & video options such as the number of simultaneous talkers/cameras in a session (max 6) and the choice to follow either current speaker or the moderators focus.

Audio setup

To avoid problems with audio (or video), make sure every participant has followed the audio setup procedure. This audio setup function can be found at the options menu. The link to verify the system requirements (including audio setup) is by default included in the invitation email sent via the building block.