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Powerpoint in Collaborate




Loading a PowerPoint file in a Collaborate session.


Content in various formats can be loaded into a web conferencing session. This guide specifically addresses ways to load a PowerPoint file to the Blackboard Collaborate Whiteboard.

Powerpoint in Collaborate 1

Click the Load content button in the upper right corner of the moderators interface. A popup window will open in which you can browse to the correct powerpoint file.. The powerpoint file that needs to be uploaded needs to be closed. When you click open, the file will be converted to the Collaborate Whiteboard format, and the Page Explorer will open. You can navigate through the pages in the Page Explorer. Another option is to just close the Page Explorer and navigate with the buttons at the top of the whiteboard or jump directly to the desired page with the dropdown menu. In this dropdown menu Collaborate shows the title fields from the presentation.

Powerpoint in Collaborate 2


A powerpointfile can also be dragged from your Explorer and dropped directly onto the Whiteboard tab (left part of upper screenshot).


Please realise that animations in your powerpointfiles will be lost at all times!