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Recording Collaborate sessions




Recording a Collaborate session in order to be able to view it back later.


Upon entering a Collaborate session the Moderator will be asked to start recording the session. At all times you can click the Record button (in the top right of the screen) to start the recording. When the session is being recorded the Record button will say Recording. This is visible to all session Participants.

Recording Collaborate Sessions 1

As a Moderator, you can record a session. All activity that occurs in the main room of the session will be recorded, except for private Chat messages, the Timer and Notes. As the recording progresses, index entries to mark significant events within the session will automatically be inserted into the recording. Anyone viewing the recording can navigate through the recording to points marked with index entries. The Moderator can also choose to manually insert index entries during the live session thereby marking specific session activities. You can start or pause recording at any time during the session. The recording can be erased at any time during the session by the Moderator.


The content of recordings can be erased during the session through Tools menu > Recorder > Erase Recording. This will erase the entire recording. In the same menu you can manually add an index entry. With most events, such as changing pages or starting a Web tour or application sharing, index markers are created automatically.

Recordings can be found in EleUM in the same location where sessions are created. Go to Control Panel> Organization Tools > Blackboard Collaborate. The recording will be presented as a Collaborate session, where it is possible to pause and move around in the timeline of the recorded session.

How to save recorded sessions offline can be found in the post “Saving a Collaborate session offline (using Publish)”.