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Saving a Collaborate session offline (using Publish)




Saving a Collaborate session for offline backup and usage.


To save recorded Collaborate sessions to an offline file the tool Publish is essential. This tool can be downloaded from Blackboard’s website.

When Publish is installed you will first have to obtain a file which contains a link to the recorded session. You need to download the Elluminate Publish 2.4.1 version.


When you play the recording via Google Chrome, Collaborate will first crate a jlnp file which can by default can be saved in the downloads folder. This jlnp file can be browsed to via the Publish interface, it should be pasted in the recording box. (see screenshot of the Publish interface)


Another option to retrieve this file is to download it from Eleum:

  • Go to the Collaborate page in the course in which the desired recording was made.
  • Under the tab “Recordings” you can search for the desired recording by date
  • After you have found the desired recording, right-click on the blue and underlined title.
  • Select “Save link as” and save the file with the file-exention jlnp to the location of your wish.

Now open Publish on your system. With the “Browse” button on the right side you can open the .jlnp session file which you just downloaded from Eleum.  Browse to the file and click open. Now the location of the file will show up in the upper bar.

Saving a Collaborate session offline 1

You can now choose from several options to export your session to. We recommend the Unplugged recording (.jar) file. This will give the user the most complete Collaborate experience. Note that private chats and private whiteboards will not be present in the unplugged recording file.


Editing the recording

Although it is not possible to edit or cut in your recorded session via Publish it is possible to use additional software that makes this possible.  Software packages like Camtasia or Pinnacle offer the possibility to upload the file created by Publish. Now you are able able to edit, cut or extend your recordings! Make sure the exported file from Publish (AVI or WMV) is accepted by the additional software.