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Instructors/moderators and participants.


Using the chat panel in a Collaborate session.


Use the Chat to send a text messages to everyone, to selected participants, or to a single Participant or Moderator in the session.  Depending on your session configuration, the moderator may be able to monitor all messages sent between participants, including private messages. This is called a Supervised session and the word “Supervised” will appear in the Chat window.

Chat Panel 1

To chat just type in the message field and press Enter. Private messages can be sent by right clicking on the participant and choosing “send a private chat”. A new tab will open for each conversation. To close the tab, hover over the blue icon the left of the Participant’s name, then the icon will turn into an X.  Click to close.

Note that the Moderator by default has two tabs – Room and Moderators. Room is public chat sent to everyone in the room and Moderators is reserved for private messages between session Moderators.

By default all Participants have permission to use the Chat. However the Moderator can revoke the permission from one or all of the participants.  If the permission has been removed a visual indicator will appear to the right of the participants name in the Participants panel. Participants can always send a private text message to the Moderator even if they do not have the Chat permission. The moderator can grant and remove the Chat permission by clicking the Options menu in the Participants panel and selecting Chat.

Chat Panel 2

Advanced Options

In the Chat Options Menu (the upper right button of the chat panel) some advanced options can be found. Messages can be sent as announcements, the font size can be adjusted and the Moderator can choose to turn off the supervised chat. Furthermore the Moderator has the option of viewing all private messages in the conversation area of the Room tab by selecting show my private chats in room tab.

Saving Conversation

The chat conversation can be saved. To do so click on the tab to select the messages you wish to save. Then from the file menu, select Save > Chat.