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Creating a Collaborate session




Creating a Blackboard Collaborate session is possible in every course in Blackboard 9. To be able to create a Blackboard Collaborate session you have to be instructor in a course.



  • Log into
  • Click on the course for which you want to create a session
  • Click on course/organization tools –  Blackboard Collaborate

02 - Organization Tools

  • Click on Create Session

create session

  • Choose a Session title, plan the date and time of your session, set various attributes of the session.
  • Under Room options the properties of the session can be adjusted.
  • Main possibilities:
  • Room Attributes, select the maximum number of simultaneous speakers and cameras. Allow in session invitation to be able to send an invitation and link by email during the session. Here you can also preload a powerpoint presentation.
  • Under Roles and Access, participants can be assigned the role of moderator

On these pages every option comes with a short explanation. A more detailed explanation about the options is available at the Blackboard support website.

Once ready click the submit-button, which can be found at the bottom of the page. The session is now created, and can be found by searching for the date and optionally title on the page you are automatically directed to. You can edit properties of the session by clicking on the downwards double arrow next to the title of the course.

To join the session click on the session title.