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SCORM player pop-up handling in Google Chrome

If Chrome is blocking a pop-up, the following icon will appear on the right-hand side of the address bar. This is expected and is not considered an error because one can modify their pop-up blocking settings. However, a workaround for Firefox in the SCORM player exists where Blackboard identifies that a pop-up blocker is in place […]

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Formatting Failure in Text Editor

In some internet browsers the Clear Format function of the (WYSIWYG) Text Editor is not working correctly. Blackboard is aiming to solve this known issue in its upcoming release. For the time being we recommend to copy- paste formatted text to a basic text editor in case of Text Editor formatting failure.

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Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release allows an instructor to control the release of content to users. An instructor can create a set of rules that need to be forfilled before a content item is visable to student users. [youtube]

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