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EleUM (General) Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an Assignment with plagiarism check

In a Content Area open the Assessment menu and select Assignment. Under Submission Details you find options regarding the type of submission, the number of attempts allowed and Plagiarism Tools. Select the option Check for plagiarism with Safe Assign. The mention concerning English language submissions means that only submissions in Latin script can be processed […]

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How to view Assignment submissions

There are two options, either via the Grade Centre or via the Course Tools menu. Using the Course Tools menu you can also access Direct Submit. If you select Safe Assign items you will see an overview of Safe Assign items in this course and with View Submissions you can access the submissions. The overview […]

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Inline grading

To make use of the Inline Grading option you have to access each submission individually. When you open a submission the document will be opened in the Inline Viewer and you can annotate directly in your browser. Click on Safe Assign to open the Feedback to Learner window. To make your comments visible to students […]

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How to submit an assignment

After the latest update Safe Assign is no longer available as a separate option instead an originality check is now one of the options for the normal Assignment. This means that you will always see the Assignment icon when you have to submit an assignment instead of the Safe Assign icon. Instead of: N.B.: Make […]

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Integration of Assignment and Safe Assignment

EleUM has ben upgraded. Some new functionality is available and some changes are effectuated in the (Safe) Assignment function. Safe Assign is no longer available as a separate option instead an originality check is now one of the options for the normal Assignment. Existing safe assignments in courses are still available for students to submit […]

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How to avoid performance problems during tests?

Avoid creating large exams involving many/complex questions and presented all at once. 50 questions is already a lot of questions. Consider breaking them into smaller exams taken in sequence instead. Large exams also create much more server load when submitting the final exam, which can lead to failures due to application overload when groups of […]

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Faculty EleUM support for students

To report your question, please choose your faculty and select the correct e-mail address or website. Faculty Contact for EleUM Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty of Law click the My Law link and then click the large button of the Electronic Service Centre. Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience AskPsychology FHML Ask […]

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Safe Assign error message

If you receive an error message while submitting your paper via Safe Assign please log on to EleUM through Student Desktop Anywhere and try again. Safe Assign is working correctly but sometimes you may receive an error caused by tight Security settings of your Internet Browser.

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