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EleUM (General) Frequently Asked Questions

How to copy a course

How to copy a course To copy a course to another course (e.g. the same course of the next year  2012-100-XYZ1001 to 2013_100-XYZ1001) please execute the following steps: In the old course (source) select in the Control Panel, Packages and Utilities and then select the option Copy Course. Under 1.Select Copy Type select Copy Course […]

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SCORM player pop-up handling in Google Chrome

If Chrome is blocking a pop-up, the following icon will appear on the right-hand side of the address bar. This is expected and is not considered an error because one can modify their pop-up blocking settings. However, a workaround for Firefox in the SCORM player exists where Blackboard identifies that a pop-up blocker is in place […]

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What is a Smart View?

A Smart View is a subset of the full Grade Center consisting of a selection of rows and or columns. Smart Views can be defined according to various criteria e.g. membership of a group to select specific rows or column category Assignment to select specific columns. A combination of criteria to select rows and columns […]

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