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How to copy a discussion board forum?

If you want to make use of the text of one discussion board forum in another forum, for instance if you have different groups in your course and you want the groups to have the same discussion board forum(s), you can copy a forum from one discussion board to another in the same course.

Be sure that you as instructor are a member of all the groups you wan to copy to. That means you have to actually subscribe to the groups.

  • Go to the Discussion Board you want to copy from.
  • Click on the double arrows next to the name of the forum you want to copy.
  • Select Copy.
  • If you want to copy only the instructions and the name select Forum Settings Only. Otherwise you copy also the messages in the forum.
  • Now, under Location, you can select the discussion board you want to copy this forum to.
  • Click on Submit.

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