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Some tips to ensure that your courses in EleUM will be compatible with Student Portal

For you as a teacher EleUM will remain the same. The following tips will ensure that students can fully benefit of all functionality of the Student Portal.

New students will not be aware of the fact that EleUM is a separate system so your mention of the course on EleUM will no longer be understood. It would be better to refer to Course Details or My organisations in Student Portal.

Some data from EleUM is presented in Student Portal outside EleUM, e.g. Announcements and Deadlines. This has some consequences for the way you use your course.

Course enrolments
Student Portal gives an overview of all courses for students; this overview is generated from SAP-data. As a consequence you are strongly advised not to add a student to a course manually; the student will not see this course when he has no booking for this course in SAP.

Adding a student manually to an organisation is still possible since there is a link to the My Organisations overview in EleUM.

Student Portal provides an overview of all coming deadlines for students. Deadlines are collected from EleUM. The system can only recognise a deadline for an assignment when either the due-date or the visible-until-date are completed. So please remember to indicate one of these dates when you prepare an assignment in EleUM.

When you make an assignment for a specific group of students, please use Adaptive Release to restrict the visibility to that group. Otherwise all students in the course will see the deadline for that assignment. Do not use other options of Adaptive Release nor Advanced Adaptive Release as the deadlines will not be shown in Student Portal.

Student Portal provides an overview of all announcements for students. Announcements in EleUM without an end date keep appearing on this list so please remember to set an end date for your announcements. Course Links and pictures in an announcement will not be visible in the list of announcements in Student Portal. In the course they function as usual.