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Application sharing


Instructors/moderators and participants.


Sharing applications or the entire desktop from your pc in Collaborate. In this way demonstrations or instructions about other programs can be given. Even remote control of the shared applications can be granted to other participants of the session.


Any application running on your pc can be shared. To start sharing click the Application sharing button. Then you can select to either share the complete desktop or select a specific program. The shared application will show up in the content window.

Application Sharing 1

The session participant who is sharing an application should size the application to the approximate size of the content window. This will improve the visibility of the shared application and side panels. By default a yellow box will appear around the region that is being displayed. A small controller will be available with a button for Stop, Pause and Snap Shot.

To give a participant control of your shared application, select the participant in the panel and click on Give Control of Shared Applications in the dropdown menu after the participants name. To regain control hold down the ctrl and space keys simultaneously.

By default Participants do not have the permission to share their own applications. The Moderator may give permission to all Participants from the Global Options menu or to a single participant from the Participants Option menu.

When another attendee is controlling your application, it is important to keep you hand off the mouse so you do not compete for control. To switch between the panels the tab key can be used. Furthermore you can use the audio hot key F2 to turn on and off your audio.