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Polling & Voting




Taking the participants in-session to a website, while maintaining freedom for participants to browse on the website. For example, you can use Web Tour to take attendees to a website and then have them individually research a topic or complete a survey.


The Polling feature allows you to poll your participants at any time using one of four different types of polls: Yes/No, Multiple-Choice (A-C, A-D or A-E), and Class Pace. You can use Polling to obtain quick responses to verbal or written questions. The poll type can be changed as many times as needed during a session. The Yes/No poll type is the default. By saving the Whiteboard, anonymous polling results can be saved and reviewed later in or out of a Blackboard Collaborate session.


The polling options can be found in the tools menu. Post the question in the chat, on the whiteboard or through audio or video. The participants respond by using the response options under their names in the Participants panel. Information about the responses will also be shown in the Participants panel.

Additional options from the polling menu are publishing statistics to the whiteboard, which will gave you a graphical representation of the results, locking the responses to prevent participants from changing their answers and choosing whether the responses should be visible to other participants.