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Taking the participants in-session to a website, while maintaining freedom for participants to browse on the website. For example, you can use Web Tour to take attendees to a website and then have them individually research a topic or complete a survey.


The Moderator is the only one who can start a web tour. The web tour button can be found above the content area/whiteboard

.Web Tour 1

Type in the URL of the desired website and it will appear in the content window for all participants. With the Follow me option all participants will be resynchronized to a particular webpage the moment the moderator moves to that page.

Web Tour 2

In the dropdown menu the Web Push option can be used by clicking on the Open URL in Browser. The webpage will then be opened in each participants own browser. The Moderator has no further control over the browsing of the participants.
With the Publish URL to Chat option the current URL will be posted in the Chat panel.