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Participants panel


Instructors/moderators and participants.


Using the participants panel to see who is in the session and engaged in which activity, controlling participants permissions and creating breakout rooms.


Participants Panel 1

The Participants panel is your “control center” for conducting a session. It is from here that you manage Participants by granting and revoking their permissions, inviting or removing Participants to or from the session, sending them to breakout rooms, and getting their input through polling. The Participants panel is also the place where you and other Participants can access user profiles and activity indicators.



Your name appears at the top of the Participants panel in the Status area as well as in the Participants list below it. In the Participants list, all the Moderators in the session are displayed in alphabetical order at the top of the list (above the horizontal rule), followed by all the Participants, who are also listed in alphabetical order.

As a Moderator, you are automatically given all permissions. The default global permissions given to Participants are established when the session is initially created and configured. Participants can be granted “all permissions” by selecting the All Permissions box. Participants in that case can use all the Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing features except Application Sharing, Web Tour and Closed Captioning. If permissions are turned off during session configuration, Participants will only be able to use the buttons in the toolbar (emoticons, raise hand, etc.), view profiles and send Moderators private Chat messages.

Changing permissions

You can grant additional permissions to all Participants at once using the Global options menu or to individual Participants using their Participant Options menus. You may also control Global permissions by selecting or deselecting the permissions icons located at the top of the Participants list. There also may be times you want to revoke the permissions of Participants, such as when you want to focus everyone’s full attention on what you are presenting (eliminate distractions) or when Participants are abusing their privileges.

Only those individual permissions (granted or revoked) that represent exceptions to the global permissions are displayed in the Participants list. When you revoke a Participant or Moderator’s permission to use a globally permitted feature, the icon representing that feature appears stamped with a red X next to their name in the Participants list.

Participants Panel 2

Status indicators appear in the Participants list when data is being sent and received. For Audio, Video and Application Sharing, the indicators signify a delay in the sending and/or receipt of data. An amber status indicator denotes a moderate delay whereas a red status indicator denotes a significant delay. For the Whiteboard, the indicators tell Moderators who is receiving content (amber status indicator) and who hasn’t received all the content on the current page (red status indicator). The status indicators are dynamic, updated and visible throughout the session. By keeping an eye on these indicators, you can see when it might be appropriate to adjust your pace so others can catch up.