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Collaborate via your tablet or smartphone

It is now also possible to use Collaborate via your tablet or smartphone.

Please first download the Collaborate Mobile app from your appropriate app-store.

To start up the session please click the email link with the invitation, and the app will start up automatically!

What can you do with Collaborate on your tablet of smartphone:

  • Easily attend from iPhone® and iPad® devices
  • View Microsoft Office® PowerPoint® slides, whiteboards and application sharing
  • Listen to the session audio over VOIP
  • Breakout rooms
  • Interact with polling, hand raising, emoticons and text chat

And here’s what you should know about the limitations of the Collaborate app for iPhone and iPad:

  • Only participants can log in with the app; moderators cannot use the app to join a session
  • Recorded sessions cannot be played back via the app
  • The app is for joining live sessions only (and joining them as a participant, not a moderator)
  • You’ll be able to view a shared application, but cannot control / interact in it
  • Can view the whiteboard, but can’t draw on it
  • Can transmit/hear audio, but not video