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Explanation of the tools

Blog: any blog you use for your study, either in EleUM or not.

Dropbox: file sharing application.

EleUM Announcements: messages from the instructors in your courses in EleUM.

EleUM Discussion Board: tool in EleUM to post messages and read an reply to the messages of other students in your course.

EleUM File Exchange: tool in EleUM to exchange files.

EleUM Groups: group pages in your course in EleUM.

EleUM Mail: tool in EleUM to send e-mail which will be delivered in the addressee’s University mailbox.

EleUM Portfolio: electronic portfolio option in EleUM.

EleUM Safe Assign: option in EleUM to submit a paper that will be subsequently checked for possible plagiarism.

Facebook: well known social medium.

Google docs: file sharing application.

Private mail: any e-mail provider you might use other than your UM-mail and the mail option in EleUM.

Project assignments: no tool but a type of assignment.

Serious games: a serious game is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment, in this questionnaire all type of games used in education are considered as serious games.

Skydrive: file sharing application.

University I-drive: personal drive for Maastricht University students.

University mail: mail facility of Maastricht University.

Virtual classroom: any tool for distance learning that offers video and audio connections and file sharing facilities, in EleUM this tool is called Collaborate.

Virtual worlds: computer based simulated environment.

Whats app: messaging tool, stand for all types of text messaging tools.

Wiki: tool to collaborate with others on a document or topic. Wikipedia is an example of a Wiki (a probable source to find information on a topic).