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Welcome to the Maastricht University’s EleUM support blog

This blog intends to offer support for everyone using EleUM. Both students as well as staff/moderators will be able to find tailor made support via the diverse elements of this blog.

Support Material

The main element of the support material is focused on EleUM itself. Both students as well as staff will be able to find support material in diverse formats, like video instructions and manuals. Furthermore specific sections were created for some of the main features of EleUM: Elluminate (Collaborate) as well as Portfolio.


This blog offers several FAQ sections on diverse topics. You will be able to find an overview of updates on the most important known issues as well as answers to the most frequently raised questions. The FAQ section is split up in a general EleUM area  as well as specific areas for EleUM’s main components like Elluminate for instance.


Although this blog offers an extensive amount of self support, training sessions are also offered on a regular basis. There are general EleUM introductions as well as specific Elluminate sessions.


In  case you are not able to find an answer to your query in the FAQ section or the instruction material does not cover your specific information need, please refer to your Faculty EleUM support. Your question will be either answered directly or forwarded to the service desk of ICTS. Please try to be as specific as possible in describing your issue. Always mention details like browser used, wireless used etc.
This will speed up the process of finding a solution!