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Welcome to the Maastricht University’s EleUM support blog

EleUM is the learning management system of Maastricht University. For each individual course in the curriculum there is a webpage in EleUM. Teachers can use this coursepage to offer information an content to the students, to communicatie with students and, facilitate collaboration and prepare assignments.

This blog offers support for teachers using the UM’s digital learning management system (EleUM).

Contents of the blog

Support Material

  • EleUM for instructors: here you will find the available support material, consisting of an explanation of  the organisation and use of the digital learning environment of Maastricht University, and links to support material for all of its components. In a special section called Getting Started information is presented to help new users find their way and start using the DLO. The Student Portal is also explained.
  • Collaborate: information about the tool to support distance learning.
  • Videum: link to the UM video in education portal, a seperate website containing information about video in education.


Overview of (frequently) asked questions concerning the digital learning environment and its components.

Known Issues

An overview of the most important known issues and work arounds.


Although this blog offers an extensive amount of self support, training sessions on EleUM or Collaborate can be offered on demand.


In  case you are not able to find an answer to your query in the FAQ section or the support material does not cover your specific information need, please refer to your Faculty EleUM support. Your question will be either answered directly or forwarded to the service desk of ICTS. Please try to be as specific as possible in describing your issue. Always mention details like browser, OS and whether or not you are using Wi-Fi.